75 Books I Read Last Year

I read 75 books in 2017. I probably read more books than most did last year, but it’s important to know that I have a lot of free time, scads of it, in fact.

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Episode #8 – The Protestant Reformation and Myths of the Crusades with Eric Bateman (Part 1)

Eric is a student of History (PhD) and an exceptional communicator, and you’re in for lessons on Christian unity, historical scholarship, and reading for the sake of God’s Kingdom. In Part 1, we discuss his ‘Liturgical Evangelicalism’ (my term, not his) and his search for a Christian home. We also spend significant time on the […]

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Episode #6 – On ‘Literature’, Jones, and Lewis with Robin D’Souza (Part 1)

How does the life of a scholar intersect with the identity of a missionary disciple? Have you ever wondered what people mean by literature?  What’s so great about fiction, anyway? In this 2 part episode, me and University of Toronto scholar Robin D’Souza muse on these questions and many others. Robin also introduces me to a […]

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Episode #3 – “Bad Catholics”

For this back to school episode, I visited Newman House, the Catholic chaplaincy to Queen’s University in Kingston. My guests are Taylor, Scott, and Russell, 3 young leaders who love to read. We spent over an hour talking about summer reads, academic syllabuses, and more, but then we went on an awesome tangent about bad catholics (which is all Taylor’s fault. jk). What is a bad catholic? Are you a bad catholic?

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Was Jesus God?

“Forget everything you thought you knew about who wrote the Gospels…” 

Maybe you’ve heard something like this in an undergraduate course in religion, or even history or sociology. Our understanding of who Jesus was is largely based on the portrayal of him in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, but what if these testimonies are unreliable? In his recent book, The Case for Jesus (2016), theologian Brant Pitre sets the record straight on the reliability of the 4 gospels as a source of historical information about Jesus. 

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